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The Writer Academy is for people, who have an interest in writing and want to,

Earn extra income apart from day job

Work while travelling

Work in convenient hours

Earn money after school and college classes

Start career as a writer from the comfort of home/ work remotely

Share views and expertise with the world and get paid for it

Pursue passion of writing content for blog

Author & Creator
Author & Creator

My name is Radhika. I have over 14 years of experience in content writing. I write content for website, blog, social media and books. I have written poetry, essays, stories and scripts for videos.

After dabbling in different forms of writing, I wanted to bridge the gap between the desire to attain financial freedom using writing skills, to, being able to achieve it.

I am on a mission to help a 100,000,000 individuals to become freelance writers
using my methodology called Creativity Step-Up Formula.

While I am not doing serious writing, I like to write about colors, clouds, sky, stars, unnoticed and unseen beauties.

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