What does a Freelance Blogger do?

If you’ve wanted to work from the comfort of your home, or, decide your working hours on any given day you’ve probably thought about freelancing. Freelance professionals can work from anywhere they want, decide the number of hours they want to work in a day and the amount of work they want to take up each day.

Who is a blogger?

A person who writes on a blog/website owned by him, on any topic that interests him is a blogger. A blogger is a hobbyist until he implements strategies in his blog to make revenue out of it.

Who is a freelance blogger?

A writer who gets paid to write blog content for his client for a decided amount of words and time is a freelance blogger.

What exactly does a freelance blogger do?

Freelance bloggers reach out to their potential clients on freelancing platforms and/or websites that post requirement for freelance writers. Client requirements are understood by the details provided. Freelancers can reach out to the potential client for any further clarifications or details, if required. Once the freelance writer for blogs confirms the title of the blog post, number of words to be written, payment per article/blog post and time given to submit the content, he can take up the work.

When clients require blog writing for SEO purpose, it is usually for more than one piece of blog content as SEO is an on-going process. It can be for a set number of blog posts to be submitted within a period of few days or weeks.

What does blog writing for SEO comprise of?

When it comes to writing blog content for SEO, it includes several components. They are

  • Title
  • introduction
  • Body of the blog content
  • Keywords
  • Structuring of blog content
  • Usage of call-to-action
  • Conclusion  

How does a freelance blogger receive payments?

When the freelance writer gets a project on a freelancing board/website, payment is released to the blogger from the website after the project is completed and submitted to the client. Some freelancing boards permit withdrawal of funds after a certain minimum earnings are reached.

When a freelance blogger has a contract with a company, he gets paid on a specific date of every month as decided prior. Certain companies ask freelancers to raise an invoice to receive payment, others request for a paypal reminder. Check, Paypal and deposit in bank account are the most common modes to receive payment.

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