7 Blog Writing Tips to Write Awesome Blog Content

Writing web content to get large number of people to read it is what every business wants. Any good blog post that gets mass readability has carried out these four – research, writing grammatically correct sentences, understanding and writing for target audience, and solving their problem.

To add on to this and make it an awesome blog post, here are 7 blog writing tips.

Be a reader

Search for the topic you are going to write about, and read all the web content that comes up on the first page of SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Reading is the first habit you cultivate as a writer.

Reading off the SERP gives you an overview of the kind of content that is already available and ranking. You will stand out of the crowd and craft fresh content with new insights for your audience.

Tell what your content is about

Start your blog content by introducing the title and what the content talks about. A catchy introduction can be by way of talking about the topic, using a relevant quotation, or asking a question.

Tell your audience how your blog post is going to help them.

Cite sources

Include facts, data, statistics that is relevant and required for your blog title. Cite sources that are authentic and reliable. Use websites that are known to publish verified statistical data. This will add to your credibility.

Providing a clickable link to the source of information will also allow your readers to read in-depth on the data sourced.

What comes next?

Sketch an outline for your blog content. This is of tremendous help in drafting the blog.

A blog that is outlined beforehand will be in sequence, have a good flow, well-structured and relevant. Not to mention, it makes it easy to write and read. So, it’s a win-win.

Include visual presentation

Use multimedia in your blog content – images, videos, infographics or slideshow.

multimedia in seo blog content

Images are mostly used. Images can be sourced from free repositories like pixabay or be custom-made using free tools and websites on the internet. Images make your blog post visually appealing and can make heavy content light.

Multimedia like video and infographics simplifies and condenses written word. This enables easy understanding and consumption of content.

Motivate your readers

Give them a pep talk.

content writing tips

Motivation is like sunlight. It’s needed every day. Encourage your readers to carry out the activity that your content is talking about.

Talk about how their life will change once they carry out what they set out to do. Paint a bigger picture.

motivation for blog content readers

Read again

Proof read.

Once you’ve written down your blog post, check for edits, grammar.

Read out loud your draft. It gets you into the mind of your readers.

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