What is Freelance Blog Writing?

Content writing for blogs as a freelancer is freelance blog writing.

Need more information? Here are the details.

What is a blog?

Blog is short form of weblog. A blog is an online journal. It is a dedicated section on any website that provides information about the products and services offered by the company running the website, industry updates and educational content related to the industry.

Blog is an important part of any website since it is a direct medium to regularly interact with the public. Regular interaction is by way of writing a blog post on the blog. A blog post talks about one topic, specifically what the blog post title says.

The page you are on right now and reading this, is a blog post.   

The title of this blog post is – What is freelance blog writing?

The section/menu under which this blog post is published is Blog.

What does blog writing include?

Blog writing includes writing content for the title or topic given. Images are sourced and/or created as per the requirement of the content and added in the content. Videos and infographics are other multimedia forms that are curated as per the content.

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Image is the most common form of multimedia included in any blog content. When other forms of multimedia are required for the blog post, it is usually specified in the requirements given to the freelance blog writer.

If you are thinking about the requirements that are provided to the freelance blogger for a project, here it is.

  • Title of the blog post.
  • Number of words to be written for the blog post.
  • The core content.
  • Products, services or anything specific that is to be mentioned.
  • Target audience – the type of people who would be reading this content. (Since the writer has to cater to the readability of the people who are most likely to read the blog content)
  • Multimedia to be included in the content. (A lot of times companies have their own designers or folks who’d work on the video and infographics for the blog post. So it would only be written content for the freelance writer)
  • And of course, the timeline by which delivery of the blog content is expected from the freelancer.

Who does a freelance blog writer write for?

  • Individuals
  • Brands
  • Companies

Individuals can build a brand for their name or for the services they provide/endorse. They will want a freelance writer for content on their blog.

Companies want blog content for their products, services and to establish their company name. A product-based company wants blog content for its product(s), line of products.

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