What is SEO Blog Writing?

SEO blog writing refers to search engine optimization through blog writing.

Search engine optimization is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of people visiting your website/blog through Google searches.

A blog can talk about product, service, industry, company, a person, or, experiences. A website’s blog writing focuses on what it offers to the audience it serves.

How does blog writing help in SEO?

Writing fresh content for a blog on a regular basis communicates to it’s audience and this is taken note of by the search engine. Also, the search engines skim through the content posted on a blog so it can display the blog’s page when a person is searching for same/similar terms.

Though there are a lot of factors that determine what the search engine picks to display to it’s users when they search for a term, quality content of the blog remains a constant factor.

SEO blog writing in practice

Every blog on the internet aims to write content that is search engine optimized, except for those blogs that document only personal experiences.

writing blog content for search engine optimization

What SEO blog writing does is, brings in more number of people to the website that are relevant audience. This relevant audience is what the blog serves and caters to in practice. 77% of internet users read blogs. This shows the impact blog content can make and the results it can bring about.

409 million readers view more than 22.2 billion blog posts overall each month. This displays the willingness of people to invest time in reading blogs. Quality content is the key factor in any good SEO strategy. Improvements in content have been known to increase blog traffic by as much as 2,000%.

This is why seo blog writing will always be around for as long as search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Baidu are used on the internet.

If you want to learn and practice various facets of blog writing, do check out these resources.

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