What Motivates Creative People to Write Blogs?

Writing is a form of expression. These are the key purposes creative people write blogs.

Blogs refine writer’s thoughts

Writing frees up mind. This is the reason leaders encourage writing down to-do lists, chart daily activities, goals and anything that is important for growth.

Writing content for blogs distills the thoughts and puts the expertise in a readable format.

Blogging connects a writer to his tribe

digital communities for content writers

Tribe, in today’s digital world is a community of people that share common interest and beliefs. A digital tribe connects and interacts on any platform on the internet as decided by the writer. Hence, the digital tribe connects people around the globe. In this case, it is the writer’s blog where the tribe is built, nurtured and sustained.

77% of internet users read blogs regularly. According to WordPress, over 409 million people view more than 21.1 billion pages per month.

Blog opens your writing up to the world without borders

Internet can be accessed by any person who has a device with an internet connection. So, your blog can be read by any person across the world regardless of the place they access it from.

This is one of the greatest benefits that blogs provide to writers when compared to print media. A person can curate content and post on his blog instantly at any time. Publishing writing on mediums like newspaper and books is restricted to geographical area. This is not the case with blogs.

freelance blogger

According to the statistics published by Buffer, the ideal reading time for a blog post is 7 minutes. This shows that though consumption of media content like audio, video and infographics has increased, reading continues to be an essential medium of consuming information on the internet.

Helps in networking

When people read a blog and they want to share their thoughts, they do so by commenting on the blog. Now that social media is also a part of marketing a blog and building a brand, readers can comment and connect with the writer and his work on social media.

Like-minded writers connect with each other on their professional social media profiles and on groups that network blog writers.

Creates opportunities

Networking not only bonds blog writers to share their experience, knowledge and expertise, but also creates opportunities. Opportunities can be in the form of writing paid guest post or reference to platforms and people who provide blog writing projects.

Make money by monetizing the blog

Bloggers choose the niche of their blog based on their interest, expertise and the need for it in the market. This naturally makes them leaders in their niche once they are able to establish authority on the internet using their blog content.

Writers monetize their blog using direct advertising, Google Adsense, affiliate products, online courses, consulting, book sales, and sponsored content.

Michelle, blogger of MakingSenseOfCents.com earns a monthly income of $159,592.42.

blogger income

Want to hear more staggering facts?

According to the information published by Business Insider, Blogger Bill Simmons earns an estimated $7-9 million per year.

Build an online portfolio

Content writers who work on projects online have their own blog. This helps them showcase their work and the testimonials they receive.

The blog they own and build becomes their online portfolio.

These are the reasons that encourage creative people to write blogs. It is a creative outlet, knowledge sharing, building communities and earning a living.

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