Personal Brand – Build Your Most Strategic Asset for Your Business and Career

You have the skills and expertise.

You want to be ahead of your competition.

You want to get those high-paying freelancing projects for yourself, business deal for your company and job for career growth.

You want to climb the ladder the right way.

If you want people to recognize your name, locate you easily and have a channel to contact you directly, you need to build your presence online.

This is your personal brand.

What is personal brand?

A brand built for a person, by himself, through various mediums on the internet is a personal brand.

A company’s brand and product’s brand talks about ‘what’ of the brand.

Whereas, personal brand portrays ‘why’ you choose the brand.

Let me elaborate,

A person communicates his core principles, values, mission and the reasons that bring him here (back story + current life). This makes people understand how he is connected to his work, what is his passion, what brought him here, and his journey.

Why is personal branding important?

There are four main reasons why personal branding is important.

  1. People trust you

When you talk about yourself – your beliefs, your opinions, your stories, your life, public can see you are vulnerable. They see you as they see themselves. They can relate with you because feel that they know you. Your familiarity and interactions help them understand you as a person.

2. You become a comfortable person to work with

When you get a project after building your personal brand, people are comfortable in working with you. This is because of the trust factor and a sense of being able to predict you. It fosters better work relationships.

3. You build connections

Networking with like-minded individuals from the same industry and across different industries becomes easier. It is not only to foster your professional goals, but also builds genuine friendships.

4. You are perceived as a leader/influencer

Your fans trust you. They believe you are an expert in your niche. Your opinions and endorsements matter to them.

Now that you know that personal branding is going to be the game changer for you, you are wondering how to crack it right.

The right way is to learn and practice it from someone who has already built his personal brand.

Of course you don’t have to travel anywhere for this.

You can learn brand building in the brand building workshop.

Who is going to be training you?

Deepak Kanakaraju aka Digital Deepak.

Personal Branding Mastery

Digital Deepak is a well-known name in the digital marketing in India.

His blog, Digital Deepak, ranked one of the top-10 marketing blogs of India by Search Engine Journal.

(Yeah, SEJ is a big deal!)

World’s largest Digital Marketing Group of 150k members is built by Digital Deepak.

That's wonderful

Deepak Kankaraju conducts physical workshops, offline and online digital conferences, has authored books, and conducts internship programs.

You can hit Digital Deepak on Google and get to know the plethora of activities he’s involved in.

To be able to do so many things, your audience should perceive you as an expert.

Digital Deepak is going to teach you how to build your personal brand as he has built it for himself. Adding to it will be the gems he’s garnered from his wealth of experiences.

When: 3 May 2020, Sunday

Time: 11:00 am – 01:00 pm. 03:00 pm -05:00 pm. IST

Duration: 4 hours

Format: Online workshop

Digital Deepak

Are you worried about the cost of the workshop already?

It is not as expensive as you think it would be (owing to the fact that the coach has built a strong brand and ardent following).  

Workshop fee is kept to a very reasonable sum of 499 INR.

digital deepak

NOW is the Time to Build Your Personal Brand


All desk jobs are becoming remote jobs post corona.

Freelancing opportunities are increasing.

People in a full-time job are leaning towards freelancing.

Individuals want to start businesses that can run virtually.

Basically, internet is becoming a crowded space than it already was.

Have the first-mover advantage and build your own brand.

Personal branding workshop



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