How to Make Money as a Freelance Content Writer in the Coronavirus crisis?

One is exposed to the news of The Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) in every nook and corner of the internet. Some wonder why on earth a person would want to eat a bat purchased from live market out of all the edibles available! Of course, speculating that bats are the culprit as per the research published until now (they are still working on it to confirm).

Amidst the crisis that we are facing globally, we are constantly reminded to choose to focus on the good. A lot of companies have moved their operations virtually and people have begun working from home. This has given you an opportunity to turn your passion into paycheck.

If you have an interest in writing, want to earn additional money, or, are a writer, you can cash in on the excess time in hand to become a professional freelance content writer.

freelance content writing

If you are working full-time from your living area, you have the commute time to utilize for yourself. It is all about picking up pockets of time and clubbing them together to work as a freelancer.

What is content writing?

Writing content for digital marketing purposes is content writing. It can be for blogs, website, social media handles, scripts for videos and podcast.

digital marketing

The process of content writing involves research, writing, including keywords (highly used search terms), and proof-reading prior to submission.

Out of these, content writing for blogs is the most outsourced freelance writing job.

Who is a freelance content writer?

Content writer primarily writes web content for blogs. If you are wondering how to start content writing, these are the steps writers follow to churn content to attract high readability.

content writer

Step 1 – Research

Research on the topic/title provided. Read information from websites that are authority in that space to make sure you are getting authentic information. Reading should help you understand about the topic and everything that you need to know to write the blog content.

Step 2 – Write an Outline

Write an outline that includes the flow of the blog content. It has headings, sub-headings, lists and references. Blog post outline is a skeleton using which you can write the entire blog post.

Step 3 – Write Content

Start with a specific title and then write the blog post following the outline. Include keywords, images and any other information as requested.

Step 4 – Proof-read

Edit and proof-read your blog content after you have completed writing it. Read it out loud and get a feel of being in your reader’s shoes.   

How do freelance content writers get work?

Initially, freelance content writers reach out to the individuals/companies who have posted requirement for content. The basic criterion is being able to research on the topic and write as required. Experienced freelancers apply for writing gigs based on the niche/expertise.

Once a freelancer has created a portfolio and has a considerable amount of experience, one can get work by reference. In here, experience is in terms of the number of projects and the kind of projects worked on. Good reviews play an important role in building a freelance writer’s career.

How to become a freelance content writer?

Out of all the trending topics for content writing, pick the ones you have an interest, experience and ability to craft content that will attract readers.

In industry terms, it is choosing a niche. You can choose your niche before you begin writing and then develop your blog writer’s portfolio. But if you are new to writing and want to build your portfolio as you work on projects, pick out of trending topics.

Fiverr, Upwork, People Per Hour, Guru are some of the websites to start freelancing. They have content writing jobs from home posted on a regular basis. You can read up on the content gig posted and apply with a personalized message. Reading information like content writer tips for beginners will give you a sneek peak of blog writing.

But if you are serious about beginning your freelance writing career in this crisis, join a club that hand-walks you.

Freelance Blog Writer Club is where you be a part of the community where members learn and practice to work independently. Once you are a member of the club, you will always be a part of the club. You can discuss ideas, ask questions and have a support system that will help you work on your own.

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