One Secret to Sky Rocket your Blog Traffic – Be a Reader

You have put to practice all the tips and tricks to better your writing skills. Yet, you find a lack of readership on your blog. Now you wonder what’s missing.

It is readership.

Yes, the secret ingredient to be a good writer who stands out from the crowd of millions of blog writers is to be a reader.

Let me explain how this secret works.

Here’s how reading aids a writer.

Reading stimulates imagination

You can do all the research you can to write a power-packed blog post. But it will resonate with the reader only when you are able to serve them and connect with them.

You writing should touch upon their unspoken fears and pains so you can provide the solution. After all, blog readers are always on the look-out for answers.

When you read content that is not just research material for you to write, it fires imagination. You get into the world another writer has created with his/her words. You imagine that world and are a part of the writer’s journey. You become a reader.

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A reader lives a million lives when he gets into the world of a fiction writer or a poet. Those experiences and imagination are essential to be able to create your own world that transports your readers to the world you want to take them.

Reading teaches you to write

You can read all the grammar books and perfect your sentences. Yet, it may fail to create the magic you want it to. When you read fiction and poetry, you don’t necessarily have to write the same. They teach you how to write blog content so that your readers are transported to you. You are able to impact them to take action.

Your content is able to help them with the problems they face and you are able to educate them.

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Writing is not only about the grammar, sentence formation and making sense, but also about explaining it to the readers in a way they understand. You put yourself in their shoes, think what they think, feel how they feel and answer the questions they have.

It always helps to have the right grammar, but that’s not what drives your readers. It is the connection you form with them through your writing.

Reading challenges you to write better

When you read work of other writers and are carried away, it motivates you to writer better than you already are. You tend to evaluate what caught your eye and which emotion transported you into the book. Later, you attempt to create the same environment using your words to catch emotion of your readers.

It is worthy to remember –

People don’t always remember your words, but they remember how you made them feel.

Use your words to make people feel that emotion. This will carry them on the journey you want to take them.

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Content writing for blogs is essentially marketing. It is marketing a product or a service using words to drive the message home. Content creation is to educate and make purchase decisions.

When your content is marketed, it should touch your intended audience. That is when the purpose of you creating the blog content begins.

Read to understand human mind

Human mind is complex. You can either read all the good material available out there to understand how mind works and it would take years of learning for it.

If you are still wondering why you need to understand human mind to writer better, here’s the reason –

Writing is an art. It is practiced by reading. Reading opens up human life, human thinking, human mind, and human behavior in the form of characters portrayed in the books.

Now that you know why reading is important and how it is going to help you leap ahead in writing, here’s what you can read.


Books that create a world of their own have the ability to let you imagine. They carry you into the book and let you live with the characters.

Fiction books

  • Stimulate your imagination
  • Lets you think out of the box
  • Gives you a peek into the mind of human beings
  • Allows you to understand behavior and living across the globe

Start with a light read to make sure you kick-start your reading habit today. We recommend, Unveiled.


Poetry captures the essence of life. The unseen, unheard, unnoticed and oft-ignored parts of life are captured in poetry. It is the minuscule things that make up huge part of our lives. The thoughts, feelings, words and minuscule things find their way in poetry.

The best reads are those poems that have a story in them. Descriptive poems are also a good place to start with if you are just stepping into poetry.

Here’s how poems help you as a reader –

Gives you glimpse of things unnoticed, unseen

Changes your perspective

Infuses life into lifeless things

After you read poetry, you start noticing things that other writers usually do not. This will give you insights to create more meaningful content.

As a writer, you are habituated to writing from your perspective and that of your content marketer. The data which you have is the only means to gauge your writing. But poetry helps you to see things in different perspective.

If you are writing about products and services, it becomes technical. To infuse life into it, you involve the people who use them. The problems they face and the solution you offer need to provide the value they are looking for.

Today, I challenge you to read at least one chapter of a book. If you’re up for it, let me know by leaving a comment saying, “I’m in!”

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