Become a Freelance Blog Writer

You like to write.

You want to turn it into a profession.

You want to earn money by writing.

You have scourged the internet to find what a content writer does and how to get paid writing projects.

You want to begin with something easy.

You want to work in your convenient time because you either hold a job or have commitments. So you decided freelance is the best.

You want to become a freelance writer, but are contemplating what comprises working as a freelance content writer.

Let me explain,

The most common and simplest form of content writing on the internet is for blogs. With that being said, it needs to be of top-notch quality for it to rank on the search engines and people to read it.

Content writing for blogs as a freelancer entails writing content in word form and including relevant visual content.

Working independently as a freelancer certainly means you will be on your own.

Right from doing the research, writing content, getting images, and proof-reading, you will have to do it yourself. since writing blog content involves including keywords to rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo, you will also have to make sure to use them naturally.

You need to be trained to begin as a professional to get blog writing projects. That professional training in turn will get you good reviews and more work. Hence building your online portfolio with credibility and experience begins with the knowledge and training to work as a freelance blog writer.

You have come to the right place.

At The Writer Academy, 30-Day Freelance Blog Writing trains you into a professional blog writer.

You won’t have to spare more than 45 minutes of your time a day to learn and practice. In 30 days, every aspect of blog writing that a freelancer needs to know is explained. You get the knowledge and hands-on training to work on a live project.

You will be fully equipped to deliver a complete content writing project.

You don’t have to frantically read and watch all the content you can lay hands on, only to find it difficult to implement while you work on it.

It is packaged in the 30-Day Freelance Blog Writing to accelerate your learning and training. You won’t have to spare time separately for education and training. You save time and become a trained blog writer on the 31st day.

Why should you take the 30-Day Freelance Blog Writing Challenge?

You learn and practice A-Z of content writing for blogs that a freelancer needs to know.

You save time by learning from an experienced professional.

You learn by doing and this practice is essential in working as a freelancer.

What is included in this Challenge?

30 Videos for 30 Days.

Lifetime access to ask questions pertaining to freelance blog writing.

Worksheets and Resources.

Who is the trainer?

Radhika has 14 years of experience as a content writer. She has written content for websites, blogs and social media. Writing fascinates her and she is on a mission to empower people to earn money by writing content for blogs.

From her own experience as a freelance blog writer, she has created the 30-Day Freelance Blog Writing Challenge. This is created with an intention of saving time and effort of people willing to learn content writing for blogs.

The Challenge has educational and training content. Everything that an individual needs to know, learn and practice about blog writing is covered. Combined time for learning and practice does not exceed 45 minutes a day. This is to ensure working professionals and people with other commitments can make time and take action to train.

If you want to put in minimal time and get learn blog writing to earn as a freelance blog writer, this is your chance.

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