Every person has a story to tell. In Unveiled, the life stories of Drishti, Apsara and Shubha are unveiled. If you are someone who wants to be immersed in the world of another and live through their life, this book is for you.

Book Title: Unveiled

Genre: Fiction

Format: E-book & Paperback

Young Drishti moves in with her maternal family in Panchamgadh. She grows up under the shade of her pampering grandfather. After his demise, nothing could prepare her for the shocking revelations of a person she had always adored.

Apsara’s childhood in Prangan was filled with love and laughter. Though adopted from her sister, Sujata raised Apsara as her own child. Years later, a dream that repeats itself sets Apsara on a quest in search of a person she had never met – yet, who was dear to her.

Grandma Asees was the only family Shubha had. Marrying into a family in a far-away land, soon she had to get back to Dhimachal to cremate Asees. As she opened the Pandora box, it took her through the mysteries of another life.

It’s the little things that matter in life.

Book Title: It’s the little things

Genre: Poetry

Format: E-book and Paperback

Working on the little things in life can turn our around lives for good. Poems in It’s the little things showcase the myriad shades of human nature and facets of human life.

Grandma’s tree that protected and supported people as it grew; nature and animals radiating strength, hard work, perseverance, and beauty; pearls of friendship and love enrich lives. It’s the little things will inspire you to live the life of your dreams, value priceless things, and, give you lenses to view the world with amazement.


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